The Contribution Of Day Dreaming

At the entrance to my Nana’s dressing room was a very tall floor to ceiling cupboard with tissue lined shelves housing the most exquisitely elegant shoes I’ve ever seen. Fit for the movie stars that graced her evening soirees, these handcrafted shoes could be found in an array of subtly coloured leathers to match every immaculately tailored cocktail dress that hung on cedar hangers behind the mirrored doors.

One of my most favourite things was to sit on the soft white fur covered dressing room stool whilst she lovingly tended to my long hair with a Mason Pearson brush as I counted the strokes to one hundred. I would then teeter around the room in her pearls, silk scarves and shoes with my head held high pretending to converse with her imaginary guests and dreaming of what it would be like when I grew up and could speak for myself instead of being seen and not heard.

You Only Dream Of What You Know Is Possible For You

Lately, I’ve been taking the time to dream again.

Of all the things I wish to see in the world. Contrary to popular opinion, daydreaming is creative, generative, a potent way of being more present with the awareness of what is possible that only we can have. I am so grateful for the people in my life who remind me daily that if you can perceive it, you can be it.

Dream big and take action my friends. We are no longer accessories.

We are the main event!!

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Michelle xx